Vaporizer Sales On the Rise

Vaporizer Sales On the Rise


Shoppers have been increasingly searching for vaporizers online the past few years and online sales of vaporizer products have been continuing to trend upward. Smokers looking for a healthier alternative have found that vaporizing can be a cleaner, smarter, and smoother way to get their nicotine or THC fix.

Nowadays, it ‘s pretty easy to find a vaporizer online, the hardest thing is to decide type of product you want to purchase.

Types of Vaporizer Products

Vaporizers come in a few shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a more discreet option, a vape pen or a disposable vaporizer may be your best bet. But for those with bigger ambitions, a desktop vaporizer or a Volcano vape might do the trick.

Vapes for THC Products

There are vaporizers that are meant for dry herbs, and there are also some for concentrated THC like wax or oil.

Vaporizer for Nicotine Products

If vaping nicotine is more your speed, you’ll want to look into vaporizer mods or eLiquid devices. Vape mods are personal vaporizers that use batteries to regulate voltage to heat up an eLiquid, or eJuice that contains nicotine. Sub-ohm vaping is a very popular way to smoke eLiquids. eLiquids come in all types of great flavors that many people find delicious. Menthol, fruit, and candy flavors are pretty common.

Buy Vaporizers Online

Buying vaporizers online is a great alternative to buying them in a store. Generally, you can see a much larger selection of products and compare a lot of different prices between companies.

Cascadia Vape is an independent e-cig, vape and CBD e-liquid online retailer and one of the first to market devices specifically towards smokers of both tobacco and cannabis from a harm reduction perspective. We carry e-liquids with nicotine, zero nicotine, CBD, and Kava and vaporizer devices which can be used with nicotine e-liquid, herbs and herbal concentrates.

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