Rise of Vaporizers, Why Are You Still Smoking Cannabis?

Rise of Vaporizers, Why Are You Still Smoking Cannabis?

viva-vaporizer-01From states opening their doors to smoking medicinal marijuana to states saying let’s have a party with the legalization of recreational marijuana, times are changing pretty quickly. Those of you who experienced cannabis in the 60s and 70s to newbies discovering the effects of cannabis right now, ask yourself = Why am I smoking weed?

Don’t look for an obvious answer because you’ll be wrong. The keyword in this question is “smoking” – yep – that action that the medical world is trying to tell you is killing you! Smoke is formed by burning something and placing it in your lungs – clearly that’s not a good thing to do. Heating ingredients and inhaling vapor is a completely different case and a great deal less harmful.

Enter the vaporizer! Vaporizers are on an uphill growth like no other given time. In states that have legalized marijuana both medicinal and recreational, pot shops, smoke shops and legal marijuana vendors are stocking their shelves with grass vaporizers. E-cigarettes have taken the marketplace by storm, delivering a severe blow to the tobacco industry. They are quite simply vaporizers that operate on a battery that heats e-juices, forming a vapor vs smoke.

Herbal vaporizers and dry herb vape pens have become popular in the last couple years. Here are the two biggest impacts on the growth of vapes nationwide:

Need To Quite Smoking Cigarettes:

The portable vaporizer has probably been one of the leading products for helping tobacco smokers quit and in many cases with great success. Some smokers have gone back to smoking mainly because they were not getting the results they had hoped for with vaporizers. In many of these cases smokers didn’t really understand which items they should have purchased or how to set their VV battery for best results.

What Is a VV Battery?

Vaporizers have VV (variable voltage)batteries allowing individuals to dictate the level of vapor they want to inhale.  Most tobacco smokers probably need a higher level than someone who has never become addicted to cigarettes or never smoked.  E-liquids/e-juices are available with nicotine which is the only addictive ingredient in cigarettes.  With a little help from those who understand vaporizers, these people have a really good chance at breaking the cigarette habit.  Let me assure those who have never smoked and do not want nicotine, e-juices/e-liquids are available with or without nicotine. Various e-juices need different levels of heat to reach their best level of flavor.  This is another reason VV batteries are almost essential.

Medicinal and Recreational Grass Should Not Destroy your Lungs:

The condition of your lungs is probably the best argument on inhaling vapor vs smoke.  The medical world, including doctors agree completely that if you are going to inhale grass, vaporizers are the idyllic method of choice.  Doctors have spoken up regarding medicinal marijuana use and the high risks of inhaling smoke.  Although marijuana has not been proven to cause lung cancer, burning the plant will produce several carcinogens and tar that can lead to bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

By heating grass to a temperature that is lower than setting fire to it, creates a vapor that will still have the medical components in marijuana but minus the harmful elements. Research has also shown that by inhaling vapor, some respiratory symptoms maybe reversed.

What Is THC and CBD:

Research has also shown that marijuana consumers who use vapes received 46% of THC, while smoking a joint they only received 25%.  THC is the abbreviation of tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical compound in the cannabis plant. When digested or inhaled, it affixes to certain receptors in the brain in turn causing less pain, less aggression and stimulates one’s appetite with the use of THC and other cannabinoids such as THCa, CBD and and CBDa. This has also given rise to a whole range of new products created around concentrated CBD oil and  CBD vapes.

Different Vaporizers For Different Folks:

With some states legalizing the use of marijuana, vaporizers are on an upswing in reinvention and in design.  Originally, vaporizers were rather large and cumbersome, they’d take over half your coffee table or a corner of your room.  Now the designs are compact, discreet and a great deal more portable.  Vape pens are extremely high in demand in both Colorado and Washington state.  They are convenient, easy to carry around and offer an assortment of colors for everyone’s choice.  Another design, that has brought on some controversy are little vapes that look like bullets hanging off a neck chain.

Some residents, in legalized states, are a little concerned about kids getting their hands on these small vapes and the ability to conceal them.

In Conclusion:

Vaporizers are here to stay.  As more and more people realize that not only cigarette smoke can cause lung problems, but so can grass if one insists on lighting up a joint and inhaling smoke.  Both for medicinal and recreational purposes, people want their grass but also want to maintain a healthier life.  With new information constantly arising regarding vapes, there could very well be a future for these devices for treating people with respiratory disorders. Yes? No? Only the future will tell.


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