nutricigs NutriCigs is one of the first ecigs that offer more than just nicotine flavored vapor with their new line of ecigs – NutriCigs Slim, NutriCigs Energy, and NutriCigs Sleep.

NutriCigs new line of all natural ecigs can help you get through the day with just a couple of puffs.

NutriCigs Slim – This ecig will help appetite suppression helping you eat less. This ecig has the added benefits of a all natural appetite suppressant that will help with over eating or eating when your bored. available in 3 flavors Tobacco, Menthol and Chocolate


NutriCigs Energy – This all natural energy booster ecig will help boost your energy levels while simply enjoying a ecigs. You can help cut out the calories, sugar and carbs of other energy supplements without the mid day crash.
Comes in 3 flavors, Tobacco, Menthol, and Cherry

nutricigs sleep

NutriCigs Sleep Is a sleep aid electronic cigarette. It helps you relax better before you go to bed. With all natural ingredients NutriCigs Sleep with help you get a more comfortable, relaxing sleep. Sleep like a baby without taking any pharmaceuticals. Comes in 3 flavors, Tobacco, Menthol, and Chocolate.

NutriCigs Fortified ecigs use all natural mads in the USA ingredients. Now you can enjoy a ecig with the better fits of eating less, Having more energy, And A better nights sleep, Naturally.

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….. the only thing I question is the effectiveness of those added “supplement” ingredients such as the Hoodia, caffeine, melatonin, etc……. as far as them being of benefit (&/or their ability to be absorbed) in vapor form. Tried to find studies, research.. anything relating to this &/or other vitamins, drugs, or medications but come up empty handed. As someone who often has a difficult time taking supplements due to a past abdominal surgery, only allowing me to absorb 10% of any nutrients taken orally… This would/could be a great alternative for myself and many others in this same situation … that is, IF…. ever shown to be effective in any way. =/ Very interesting… tho, premature imho. PLS show us something to support product claims.

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