Limitless 200W Box Mod Review

Limitless 200W Box Mod Review


Hey guys today were going to check out the Limitless Box 200W temperature control box mod. The Limitless Box Mod is a 200 watt box mod and takes 2 18650 batteries (batteries not included). This mod is very ergonomic in the hand and it feels like it’s made of good quality. That’s due to the mod being machined out of Zinc Alloy and then followed by a high quality finish and coating.

When removing the Limitless 200W box mod you take off this back plate it will expose your battery compartment, The front place is also removable and that’s the feature that sets this mod apart from the rest, is the option to change the look of your device with interchangeable plates, so that way you can have a different looking mod whenever you want. Limitless Mod Co. currently offers four different unique designs, The Aztec, Green Bandana, Rainbow Bandana and Skull Chief plates accessories that give an American Indian Tribal looks and there is going to be many more to come.

The Limitless 200W Box Mod also features a custom chip with some cool features; you can change the fire mode from soft, standard and powerful. I actually use this feature a lot when I have a build that has a slow ramp up time, I throw it on powerful mode and when I fire my device it heats up instantly. This mod has the temperature control feature and supports nickel, titanium, stainless steel wire.

This is a really sweet new device with some cool new features especially for those people who like to personalize their device.

The limitless box mod is available now on and look out for it on our vape auctions page where you can find great deals on ejuice and vape supplies!

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The Limitless 200W Box Mod combines innovative design, high quality output and ergonomic shape. The Limitless Box Mod is machined out of Zinc Alloy, and following in the mold of Limitless Mod Co. other mods, featuring extremely high quality finishing and coatings. Powered by two high amperage 18650 batteries (sold separately), the Limitless Box Mod battery bay and 510 connection is milled out of brass and plated with silver to provide superior conductivity. Precision made Limitless 200W Box Mod sets itself apart from the rest with a fantastic optional interchangeable plates, you can change the entire look of your box mod by getting one of the different design plates that are available, and there will be many more to come. One plate serves as your battery access plate, while the opposite plate is strictly for changing the look of your entire box mod, great for any collector or modder and makes for a quality flagship platform.

Limitless 200W Box Mod Features:
Wattage: 10W – 200W
Temperature Control: Supports: Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Wire
Temp Range: 100-300 Celsius | 220-580 degrees Fahrenheit
Resistance Range: .08-5 ohms
Software: Custom Chipset
Customization: 4 Interchangeable Plate Options with Magnets
Power Output Settings: Variable Wattage & Temperature Control
Fire Mode: Soft, Standard, and Powerful
Display: Mirror Finished Display Screen
Safety: Reverse polarity protection, short circuit and low resistance protection, 6.5 volt cutoff, internal temp protection, excessive amperage protection
Firing Timeout: 10 seconds
Overheat Protection: 80 degrees Celsius
Battery Requirements: 2 18650 batteries with 20a continuous discharge or greater
Height: 3 5/8″ | 92mm
Length: 2 1/2″ | 63.5mm
Width: 15/16″ | 23.8mm

Safety Features:
Reverse polarity protection
Short circuit & low resistance protection
6.5 volt cutoff
Internal temperature protection
Excessive amperage protection

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