Juishy Banana Split E-juice Review

Juishy Banana Split E-juice Review

vapes_bananasplitBanana split and e-cigarette? This combination definitely sounds interesting and intriguing. With VAPES’ wide array of flavored e-juices, you can try puffing banana split in your smoking gadget without the messiness of the real thing.

The banana split, was believed to be invented in 1904 by an apprentice pharmacist in Pennsylvania who enjoyed making ice cream concoctions in their store. From this humble beginning, this well-loved dessert has influenced numerous products from food to luxury nonfood items, such as e-juice.

Dessert lovers-cum-smokers will surely fall in love with the Juishy Banana Split flavor in no time. Though served in an electronic device and not on a long dish called the “boat,” you will catch the taste of all the elements in a banana split—the fresh saccharine banana, creamy and smooth vanilla, sinful and decadent chocolate and pristinely sweet strawberry ice creams. You will also taste whipped cream, nuts and maraschino cherries!

Instead of using a spoon to consume this dessert, you will be using your VAPE by filling the cartridge with the e juice and turning the device on so you can begin puffing to your heart’s contentment.

Each container sells for $4.95. You can choose from the 5ml, 10ml or 30ml bottle according to your preference. VAPES also offer different nicotine levels from 0, 6, 12, 18 to 24ml so you don’t need to worry about getting too much or too little for your daily nicotine fix. Treat yourself to a bottle of Juishy Banana Split flavored e-juice by ordering on this website: www.vapes.com.

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