FDA Wants to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes?

FDA Wants to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes?


Instead of typing this all out again, I am just going to forward this message regarding the FDA wanting to regulate electronic cigarettes…..

The FDA has announced its intention to issue regulations deeming
electronic cigarettes to be within the scope of FDA jurisdiction under
the Tobacco Control Act. These regulations may affect the manner in
which electronic cigarettes are sold and could have the effect of making
these products more expensive and/or less accessible.

You have the opportunity to have your opinion heard regarding this matter.

The FDA is accepting public submissions via the Internet through next Wednesday (January 16th, 2013).

If NJOY’s electronic cigarettes have had a positive impact on your
life, we encourage you to share your story with the FDA and to urge the
FDA not to take any action that would make these products more difficult
or expensive to obtain than they are currently.

All you need to do is follow the link below to have your voice heard on this important topic.

To submit a comment electronically:

Go to http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=FDA-2012-N-1148-0011.

Comments are limited to 2,000 characters. If your comment is longer, you can upload a file to fully share your story.

Your opinion does matter, and we know that collectively our voices will be heard.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.



Of course they want to regulate them… The more people that switch to e-cigs, the less amount that will buy regular cigs. Even though the states and feds claim that they want the general public to “quit” smoking, in reality they really don’t. The tax money that the states and federal government get from the sales of tobacco is staggering, so much in fact, that if everyone quit smoking, the states and fed would have no way to cover the the loss of revenue. So, in order to spearhead the tax dollars that they will lose in the future, they are going to want to tax the main alternative, right now, that smokers have besides cigs, which is the e-cig.

I roll my own cigs using pre-assembled tubes and PIPE TOBACCO. Neither the fed nor the state tax pipe tobacco as heavily as they do cigarette tobacco, thus my wife and I are able to make our own smokes for roughly $1.75 a pack. I am surprised the fed and/or state hasn’t caught on to this yet, but since it isn’t in the media like e-cigs are, they probably have no clue.

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