FDA to Regulate E-Cigs – Sign the Petition NOW!

FDA to Regulate E-Cigs – Sign the Petition NOW!

FDAdownThe FDA discussions and considerations for electronic cigarette regulation are beginning in earnest. AEMSA encourages any/all who support Tobacco Harm Reduction to participate.

Speculations are now circulating about draft deeming regulations coming as early as April.  After draft deeming regulations are publicly announced, most likely there will be a Public Comment period and then further considerations before any enactment and/or enforcement begins.

The FDA is planning to make recommendations to Congress.  The need for us all to be heard is NOW and throughout this process.  AEMSA encourages everyone to participate and be HEARD.

Read more http://guidetovaping.com/2013/01/deeming-regulations/


Ric Roberts

Typical of our Government. Big tobacco is in the pockets of the FDA.

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