Evaps Review

Evaps Review

Evaps is a french company born in 2013 that sells products for electronic cigarettes. This online store began its activity with quite simple articles and eliquids. Today eVaps offers a wide range of different e-cigarettes in order to satisfy anyone, from beginners who absolutely know nothing about vaping to experts who are looking for the last high-tech devices. That’s why you can finds kits that are ready to use but also more specific items such as batteries, tank atomizers, drippers, mods and boxes including state of the features, like temperature control, bottom feeding and brand new sub-ohm atomizers and lot more to rebuild your devices. Evaps also offers the best liquids that can be found all over the world and you can choose them from their origin country. Answering to the growing demand of users in doing their own liquids, a DIY section presents no fewer than 10 differents trade marks providing a huge quantity of aromas. The vape is perpetually evolving and th shop too in order to let you get the best vaping experience or simply quit smoking.


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