Black Friday E-Juice Sale

Black Friday E-Juice Sale


Juishy E-Juice brand e-liquids has already kicked-off their Black Friday e-juice sale with $10 100ml bottles of juice. Juishy E-Juice is the very first e-liquid I have ever used and still among my favorites. They have a ton of flavors and you can pick any on for $10.

$10 for 100ml is an awesome deal, especially considering the normal price is $25 while other brands can charge up to $80 or more for 100ml which is just unbelievable.

This is a great e-liquid for beginners because they have higher PG ration and also higher nicotine strengths going up to 24mg. The higher PV ration gives you a better throat hit which combined with nigher nicotine to help eliminate cravings for nasty, stinky cigarettes.

I definitely recommend giving them a try. Go to


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