Best Ways to Steep Your E-Juice

Best Ways to Steep Your E-Juice

When it comes to steeping e-juice, there is the right way and the fast way! Whatever way you choose is entirely up to you!

If you haven’t tried steeping your e-juice, then why not? It might sound like some sort of complicated science experiment gone wrong, but it is really quite simple. Some steeping processes can take as long as a week, while others a few days, but some speed the entire process up to only a few hours.

So What Exactly is Steeping?

When you steep your e-juice, you are helping mix the different ingredients so that they oxidize and give you the best flavor profile. The entire process is similar to why people age good wines. It will help remove the perfume taste out of some e-juices while ensuring the subtle flavors come to life. The entire steeping process is relatively simple once you get started and it will leave you with a better tasting and darker e-liquid.

The Original Way to Steep E-juice!

There is the longer way to steep e-juice, and there are also some ‘out of the box’ ways in which people are steeping their e-juices faster. We’ll cover the original method first and then list some of the alternative methods at the end. The original and traditional method takes a little longer, but ultimately unless you’re desperate, it is the best method.

Traditional Method

The traditional way is just to allow the e-liquid to sit in a cool dark place for up to two weeks before using it. You can shake the bottles every day, but make sure that you keep them out of the light. Some people prefer to gently heat the bottles in a water bath before they store them away to help expedite the steeping process. Most e-liquids have already been steeped if you purchase them from a vaping store. They are manufactured, shipped and sit on shelves for several weeks, so are already pre-steeped. If you make your own e-juices, then you’ll definitely want to make sure you steep your own.

Breathing Your E-Juice

Letting your liquid breathe is a quicker way to steep the liquid, but you need to be careful doing it this way. Don’t let your e-liquid sit for days with the lids off, anywhere after 12 hours and the nicotine inside will begin to break down and diminish. Find a place out of the way, and then leave the e-liquid with the bottle completely open. This allows the oxidization process to occur much quicker but watch because nicotine is an organic compound and will quickly break down.

Alternative Methods to Steep E-Liquid

There are a variety of different ways you can steep; there is no science behind it, and a lot will come down to personal preference and trial and error. I’ll list them below.

  • Magnetic Mixer, these machines are what the pros use and can come in different sizes for any scale DIY or ejuice mixing project.
  • Use a Heated Stirring Machine or any automatic stirring setup with a Hot Plate or compatible heating source. You can buy these items on amazon.
  • The Slow Cooker or Crock Pot – This is a pretty simple method. Place your e-liquid bottles inside a plastic baggy, remove the air and then cook them on low.

Steep Your E-Liquid Quickly and Cheaply

  • Inside Your Glovebox – The nice dark and warm place inside your car’s glovebox makes an ideal place for steeping your e-liquids.
  • Inside the Microwave – This is a quick way to heat the e-liquid, but always do it a few seconds at a time and shake in between. Be careful, you could end up melting plastic bottles or making a big mess in the kitchen.


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