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  • Posted October 24

Best Ways to Steep Your E-Juice

[embed][/embed] When it comes to steeping e-juice, there is the right way and the fast way! Whatever way you choose is entirely up to you! If you haven’t tried steeping your e-juice, then why not? It might sound like some sort of complicated science experiment gone wrong, but it is really quite... Continue Reading
  • Posted August 11

DIY E-Juice with Liquid Flavor Concentrates

[caption id="attachment_1427" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo Credit Flickr[/caption] With FDA regulations looming over the industry, 99% of the e-liquid available today will be eliminated from the...

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  • Posted August 2

Play Flappy Birds with Joyetech eGrip 2

I just got an eGrip 2 mod by Joyetech. These things are super sweet. It uses the same coils as the Joyetech eGo AIO,...

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  • Posted July 8

Limitless 200W Box Mod Review

Hey guys today were going to check out the Limitless Box 200W temperature control box mod. The Limitless Box Mod is a 200 watt box...

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  • Posted June 7

Cheap E-Juice Master List

Here is my list of cheap e-juice prices and shops for 2016:
  • Posted June 1

Vape Memes + Sick Vape Pics

Who doesn't love memes? Here are my favorite funny vape memes that I have found. Ok, some aren't that funny and a couple are actually...

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  • Posted May 27

Cheap E-Juice Vape Deals

Looking for cheap e-juice? Here are a few sweet and savory vape deals going on right now. There are a TON of great deals...

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  • Posted May 2

Best Summer E-Liquids

Here are a bunch of new and great flavors e-liquid flavors for the summer! VaporPuff E-Juices stocks quite a few popular brand name e-liquids...

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  • Posted March 29

Vaping Around The World

New vape shops are popping up online all of the time. Many of them ship to only certain areas and countries. Here are some of...

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