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  • Posted August 11

Juishy Banana Split E-juice Review

Banana split and e-cigarette? This combination definitely sounds interesting and intriguing. With VAPES’ wide array of flavored e-juices, you can try puffing banana split in your smoking gadget without the messiness of the real thing. The banana split, was believed to be invented in 1904 by an apprentice pharmacist in Pennsylvania... Continue Reading
  • Posted June 26


NutriCigs is one of the first ecigs that offer more than just nicotine flavored vapor with their new line of ecigs - NutriCigs...

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  • Posted May 1

15% Off Apollo Ecigs Coupon Code for May

Hey guys, if you are going to order some e-cigs from Apollo then use this coupon code for 15% off. Only works through the month...

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  • Posted April 2

Apollo Ecigs Coupon Code – April 2013

Here is the awesome Apollo E-cigs coupon code for April 2013. Save 17% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER at! Use Coupon Code: APRIL Click...

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  • Posted March 23

A Sweet Panda E-Cigs Coupon Code for 30% OFF

I've been using Panda Evolve Starter kit for a few weeks now and I gotta say I love it. How here is a sweet deal from...

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  • Posted March 5

Propylene Glycol Information: What Is In E-Liquids?

Propylene Glycol is one of the primary ingredients in the e-liquid that turns into the vapor to mimic the smoke in electronic cigarettes. For lack...

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  • Posted January 30

FDA to Regulate E-Cigs – Sign the Petition NOW!

The FDA discussions and considerations for electronic cigarette regulation are beginning in earnest. AEMSA encourages any/all who support Tobacco Harm Reduction to participate. Speculations are now circulating...

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  • Posted January 19

How to Re-Fill Your EGO CE4 Cartridge Clearomizer

A brilliant video tutorial on how to re-fill your EGO CE4 Cartridge Clearomizr.

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  • Posted January 11

FDA Wants to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes?

Instead of typing this all out again, I am just going to forward this message regarding the FDA wanting to regulate electronic cigarettes..... The FDA has...

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