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  • Posted January 21

Build Your Own Coils for RDA, RDTA Rebuildable Atomizers and Tanks

[embed][/embed] Are you into building your own coils? Check out my some of these hot Youtube video coil building... Continue Reading
  • Posted October 24

Best Ways to Steep Your E-Juice

[embed][/embed] When it comes to steeping e-juice, there is the right way and the fast way! Whatever way you choose is entirely up to you! If you...

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  • Posted August 11

DIY E-Juice with Liquid Flavor Concentrates

[caption id="attachment_1427" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo Credit Flickr[/caption] With FDA regulations looming over the industry, 99% of the e-liquid available today will be eliminated from the...

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  • Posted August 2

Play Flappy Birds with Joyetech eGrip 2

I just got an eGrip 2 mod by Joyetech. These things are super sweet. It uses the same coils as the Joyetech eGo AIO,...

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  • Posted July 8

Limitless 200W Box Mod Review

Hey guys today were going to check out the Limitless Box 200W temperature control box mod. The Limitless Box Mod is a 200 watt box...

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  • Posted June 7

Cheap E-Juice Master List

Here is my list of cheap e-juice prices and shops for 2016:
  • Posted June 1

Vape Memes + Sick Vape Pics

Who doesn't love memes? Here are my favorite funny vape memes that I have found. Ok, some aren't that funny and a couple are actually...

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  • Posted May 27

Cheap E-Juice Vape Deals

Looking for cheap e-juice? Here are a few sweet and savory vape deals going on right now. There are a TON of great deals...

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  • Posted May 2

Best Summer E-Liquids

Here are a bunch of new and great flavors e-liquid flavors for the summer! VaporPuff E-Juices stocks quite a few popular brand name e-liquids...

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